Covid – 19 Info

Covid – 19 Info

Northumberland County Council
Welcome to our latest Northumberland COVID Community Champions update, hope you’ve managed to stay safe and stay local this week.

Overall update

The number of cases compared to this time last week show an increase of cases. There were 197 COVID cases in the past 7 days (61.51 cases per 100,000 population). Thanks for playing your part in sharing messages to keep everyone safe.

You can find more detailed information for Northumberland

Below are the top social media posts this week

Listen to Liz – vaccine edition

Our Director of Public Health, Liz Morgan, is back again with another helpful ‘Listen to Liz’ video, this time around the vaccine.

Director of Public Health for Northumberland, Liz Morgan, talks about the #Covid19 vaccine

Listen with Liz video found here >

In this video, Liz helps to clear up common questions and misconceptions about the vaccine, including:

What vaccines are being used in the UK

  • Vaccine safety
  • Who is currently getting vaccinated
  • How you’ll be offered the vaccine
  • Vaccine misconceptions
  • Vaccines and pregnancy
  • Vaccine and fertility
  • Will the vaccine work for COVID-19 variants?
  • Why we need to follow the rules even after we’ve been vaccinated.

After your COVID vaccination – ‘Your Actions Matter’

There is a new video that explains what to do after you’ve had your COVID-19 vaccination. The video covers a range of topics, such as: how long protection from the vaccine takes to kick in, returning for your second dose of the vaccine, the risk of spreading COVID even after vaccination, and following the rules after your vaccination (hands, face, space, let air in, clean surfaces).

Your Actions Matter. If you’ve had, or are about to have, your #COVID19 vaccination – you must continue to follow the rules and observe social distancing.

More info here:

AstraZeneca vaccine safety

Following reports the AZ vaccine causes blood clotting, a statement was released

Elizabeth Morgan, Northumberland’s Director of Public Health and lead Director of Public Health for the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme in the North East said:

“There have been 37 reports of potentially serious blood clots out of the 17 million doses given to people across the EU – that’s actually a lower number of incidents than you’d expect to see in the population. The UK regulator (the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (the European regulator for medicines and vaccines) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have all said there is no evidence that the vaccine causes blood clots and that they are confident the vaccine is safe. With that in mind, its difficult to understand why some EU countries have suspended its use. What people probably don’t know is that there is evidence that if you get COVID-19, you’re at higher risk of developing blood clots during infection, and those that do have an increased risk of dying so personally, I’ll be choosing to have the vaccine when its offered.

I want to reassure people that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective and that all adverse effects are closely monitored through the same tried and tested process we use for other medicines. While I understand people might be worried, this vaccine is the best way of protecting yourself and your family from this awful virus, and to help us all look forward to a brighter future. If you are offered vaccination in the coming days I’d strongly urge you to take it – it is safe and effective.”

Rules on leaving home

We’re re-emphasising what you can and cannot do during this time. The ‘Stay-at-Home’ restriction is still in place, with some exceptions – the latest of which is to exercise or for recreation outdoors with one other person from outside your household. We also used this opportunity to encourage residents to take their rubbish home with them if they do go out.

You can now leave home for recreation & exercise outdoors with:

  • your household or support bubble or
  • one person from outside your household

It’s still important to stay 2m apart from anyone not in your household or support bubble. Make sure that you take your litter home.

Support / Childcare bubbles

The Government have provided new images and videos that explain what a support or childcare bubble is, how they should be used, and the rules around social contact for each type of bubble. For example:

Support bubbles are designed to help those who might be at more risk of isolation or in need of support during the pandemic.

Find out who can create a support bubble here:

Beat COVID North East Regional Campaign

This week, the Beat COVID NE campaign focused on Rachael Armstrong from Sunderland, one of the newest campaign stars. She reflects on the last year of her life and her struggles with long-term COVID.

Meet Rachael.
In April last year her life changed. Nearly one year on, the mum of three is still suffering from Long Covid.

She is sharing her experience as part of the #BeatCovidNE campaign to raise awareness of the potential long-lasting effects of Covid.
“This virus isn’t mild for everyone. It can be life-changing and it can happen to you or someone you love. I urge everyone to take this virus seriously.”

Read Rachael’s story over at

Shielding advice for the clinically extremely vulnerable to stop from April

The Government announced this week that those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 will no longer be advised to shield from Thursday 1 April. This is because virus infection rates continue to fall.

People on the Shielded Patient List will receive letters from 18 March with updated guidance on steps people can take to reduce their risk.

Read the full announcement from Government here:

Northumberland News March edition is out!

Look out for the latest edition of Northumberland News popping onto your doormat shortly.

Page 19 contains an article about two of our COVID Community Champions, Kerry Noble and Graham Huntley and their experience of becoming a champion.

You can view Northumberland News here >