Latest COVID 19 Information

Welcome to our latest Northumberland COVID Community Champions update, we hope you’ve managed to stay safe and stay local this week.

Welcome to our latest Northumberland COVID Community Champions update, hope you’ve managed to stay safe and stay local this week.

Overall update

The number of cases compared to this time last week show another drop. There were 168 COVID cases in the past 7 days
(52.46 cases per 100,000 population). Thanks for playing your part in sharing messages to keep everyone safe.
You can find more detailed information forNorthumberland

Below are the top social media posts thisweek
Symptom-free testing for households / bubbles of school pupils and staff

Households, childcare and support bubbles of primary and secondary school pupils and staff in Northumberland can access
regular twice weekly rapid lateral flow testing as part of the Government’s roadmap to recovery.
Those eligible can attend a symptom free testing site for twiceweekly testing or arrange home testing.We’re offering rapid #COVID19 testing to households, support & childcare bubbles of school pupils/staff.

Head to to find out how you access a test
in Northumberland. More information can be found

Back to school messages

The Department for Transport have provided social media messages to encourage school pupils to walk or cycle to school
where possible, to encourage healthier lifestyles and help the environment.
Where you can – walk, cycle, or scoot to school.
It not only helps the environment but can help keep you healthy
too! #BackToSchool

Let’s keep going – Stay at home

We’re still promoting the ‘Let’s keep going’ messages, to communicate how effective our efforts have been so far in reducing cases, and how important it is to continue along this path.
The campaign also highlights all the actions we take every day to help fight the spread of Covid and shows the public how each of
their individual actions contribute to the reduction in positive cases.
These messages also re-emphasise the ‘Stay at home’ message;
this restriction is still in place until 29 March, despite other restrictions beginning to ease. It’s important our residents understand this.

Mothers Day
Liz Morgan, Director of Public Health in Northumberland was on BBC Radio Newcastle this morning and talked about Mother’s
Day, which is this Sunday.
“Stay at home will legally remain in place until the end of March which means that people will still have to stay local. You can
though, now meet one other person from another household outdoors to socialise so you could meet your Mum in a local park
and have a chat over coffee, but you still need to follow those social distancing rules and stay a couple of metres apart.”
LET’S KEEP GOING #Northumberland
Every video call is making a difference to stop the spread of #Covid19
Play your part by sticking to the rules & following the basics:
Latest guidance:

Avoiding vaccine fraud
We’re reiterating key signs of vaccine fraud and how to report suspicious activity.
It’s important to be aware of potential #Covid19 vaccine scams.
Report anything suspicious to or call 0300 123 2040
• Vaccines are free
• You won’t be asked for proof of ID, for payment, or for bank details

• The vaccines are currently only available via the NHSThings texts from NHS will never do

The NHS is sending texts to some people to invite them to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. These may come from a local
NHS service, or from ‘NHSvaccine’. Some people have been receiving texts that are not from the NHS. Find some assets here on SharePoint that will help people to understand when texts from the NHS are genuine and not a scam.

To learn more click here >
Symptom-free rapid testing for key workers
Continuing to promote the rapid lateral flow testing site for key workers who don’t have symptoms of coronavirus, including the
locations of testing sites and longer opening times.
ATTENTION KEY WORKERS – We have targeted #Covid19 testing sites for key workers who cannot work from home & DON’T
have symptoms of coronavirus.
Some of our testing sites are open on Monday & Thursday
evenings – find locations & opening times and book

Please do NOT book a test at our targeted community testing sites
if you have symptoms. You should go to instead.

12th March 2021