Coronavirus: When can I go to the gym again and can I go swimming?

Coronavirus: When can I go to the gym again and can I go swimming?

Outdoor pools, nail bars and tattoo parlours have already reopened, as lockdown restrictions are eased.

They will soon be followed indoor gyms, leisure centres and indoor swimming pools

All are having to make changes to keep customers safe.

When will indoor gyms open?

Indoor gyms have now reopened in Northern Ireland.

In England, they will be able to reopen from 25 July, along with sports halls and leisure centres.

They will have to follow strict social distancing guidelines, including:

  • Capacity limits, controlled by a timed booking system
  • Reduced class sizes
  • Equipment spaced out and improved ventilation
  • Temporary floor markings in dance studios where possible
  • Customers encouraged to shower and change at home

Outdoor gyms have been open since 4 July because there is less risk of catching coronavirus in the fresh air.

No reopening date has yet been set in Scotland or Wales.

How will swimming pools reopen?

Outdoor swimming pools can now reopen in England – and indoor pools can welcome the public again from 25 July.

Before the change to the rules was confirmed, Prof Deenan Pillay, from University College London, told the BBC: “Given the amount of chlorine that is in swimming pools, viruses are not going to survive there.

“So it’s not the actual swimming that’s the risk, but it is all the other stuff that goes with it – the changing rooms, getting in and out of the pool and the risk of shared showers.”

Swim England has published guidance for operators on how to reopen, including:

  • Increasing the supply of outside air to pools
  • Implementing a one-way entry and exit system
  • Minimising the use of changing rooms by encouraging people to arrive showered and changed ready to swim

Swimming pools are not allowed to open anywhere in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland at the moment.