Food Parcels

Food Parcels


I hope you are all well and staying safe.

As part of our work in the social isolation and interacting with our friends and our community we have had contact with Age UK Northumberland to say they have some treats for those who are in need for basics through this awful time.

As part of our relationship with Age UK Northumberland we have secured some of the packs for our members.

The packs themselves have been developed by VICKY PATTISON who if you don’t know her was on the TV program Geordie Shore.

She says the following which is on her Facebook page

“As of today we have sent out another wave of parcels to be delivered over the bank holiday weekend to more wonderful people. I feel really grateful that we’ve still able to help the elderly and vulnerable members of our community at this difficult time and for a moment today my heart was really full

But then I speaking to someone from @ageuknorthumberland and they told me that since we started this project 6 weeks ago- they’ve received around 2000 boxes and that no person has had more than one box. On one hand I was so pleased that our project was going to help so many different people that were clearly in need- and on the other- I realised that she was also saying we’re barely touching the sides.

Another 800 boxes went out this week- thanks to the amazing brands who continue to support this project, thanks to the kindness of our wonderful volunteers who turn up week after week & get hot, sweaty, stressed & sore and finally Thankyou to everyone who has donated- your generosity has been overwhelming

In total over the last 4 weeks we have managed to send boxes & care packages to around 4000 elderly & vulnerable members of our communities. And I don’t want to stop.

A lot of our recipients of these boxes look forward to the interaction with the amazing @age_uk volunteers who drop the package off, just as much as the treats inside. A lot of these people are feeling lonely, lost and more vulnerable and isolated than ever before. And it is our job to help alleviate that wherever we can. “

If you go to Vicky’s FB page for full story –

And if members would like a pack please get in touch. (Supplies limited)

I would like to thank Vicky for setting this scheme up as well as thanking Age UK Northumberland for linking in with us.

Please use the link on our home page for Age UK Northumberland